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Tax Topics

Inflation Rate History by Period

Inflation Rate History based on the Annual Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Charitable Contributions

Definitions and IRS rules for contributions follow......

Filing Addresses for Individual Tax Returns

Here are the filing addresses to be used by Florida Residents for submission of Federal Tax Returns (Due Date 4/15/2019 (Note that we will provide addresses for all clients in other States along with pre-addressed envelopes):

1099 Rules for Rental Property Owners

Attention Rental Property Owners: 1099s are required for annual payments of $600 or more to individuals or partnerships.

Premium Tax Credit and Your 2019 Income Tax Returns

2019 Medical Deductions List

Useful News

Underpayment/Estimated Tax Penalty-2019

Required Annual Payment AND Underpayment Penalty for 2018

Standard Mileage Rates - 2018 thru 2020

2019 & 2020 Tax Brackets

2017 thru 2020 Wage Bases and Earnings Limits; Social Security and Medicare Benefits

The following numbers relate to 2015 - 2018 with regard to various Social Security taxes. Also Social Security benefit and Medicare benefit outline.

Itemized Deductions -- 2019

Below are listed several of the Itemized Deductions percentage limitations for use on the 2018 Form 1040 Federal Tax Return:

Standard Deduction - 2018-2019-2020

The following Standard Deduction amounts apply to 2017, 2018 & 2019 Returns.

Retirement Savings Limits 2019 & 2020

The following are various retirement plan contribution limits for 2015 - 2019:

Health Care Forms for 2019

2019 Charitable Gift IRS Tax Tips

Here are IRS Tax Tips for 2018 Charitable Giving


Phone Scams Continue to be Serious Threat, Remain on IRS 'Dirty Dozen' List of Tax Scams for the 2018 Filing Season

Individual and Business Returns - Filing Dates 2019

Key Federal Business filing dates are listed here---2018 Tax Return Filing Season: NOTE: Business:--FL Sales Tax - Monthly remitters must pay by 20th of month following collection period. --Payroll Taxes are due on the 15th of the month following if tax l

Identity Theft or Tax Refund Fraud

Info on how to prevent identity theft OR what to do in the case it has happened to you. This information is related to Tax Return identity theft.

IRS Refund Timing - 2019

What's New for 2019 -- ??

List of changes for 2018

Client Advisor

Recordkeeping Requirements

How long should you keep tax records? If your attic is getting filled up with old records, perhaps this will help.

IRS Change of Address

Change of Address:

Estate and Gift Tax

Important information regarding Estate and Gift Tax.

Options for Taxpayers Unable to Pay Tax

2018 Payment Options

Individual Returns - IRS Statistics

Available 2012 Individual Tax Return statistics (Source: Find out where you are in regard to average income--------------

IRS Collections

You wouldn't want to be in collections but in case you want to know--read the following info:

Important Telephone Numbers

List of telephone numbers for your convenience:

Identity Theft Issues --??

Smart Finance

When to Refinance

Refinancing Issues.

Pay Extra Principal on Mortgage -- ??

Several options are available that can significantly reduce interest charges over the life of a mortgage.